Aplle tosti

5 years ago

I dont know if tosti is well known in the us.. atleast here in Belgium its well known. The basic version is made with 2 pieces of brad, you put cheese and ham between them and then you put them in the grill. But who wants to keep it basic? I sure dont!

Ive been dying to try these apple kanele tosti, and after seeing the picture.. Id love to make them very soon!
Its very easy to make. You just take 2 slices of bread and put slices apple between them. Make sure theyre not too small because youll put them in heat after. If you want some extra taste you can sprinkle some kanele on them because apple and kanele are just the perfect match!

The canele really gets into the apple when it gets into heat so after theyre ready you have the most amazint taste! Be sure to try this when you love something hot and apples with canele!

Do you guys know tosti? And have you ever tried it with canele or just the basic version?

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