Apartment Christmas Decorations!

3 years ago

So I`ve got my own apartment now and that means starting from scratch with holiday decorations. I`m also trying to live minimalistically, though, so that means not buying things. For quite awhile, I was pretty content with not really decorating. I mean, I don`t want to have to store things for 11 other months out of the year. But then it got to me... and I broke down... and decorated.

I did consider getting a full-size tree (fake), but I`m honestly just never home enough to enjoy it and I`m not even spending Christmas in my own apartment. So I settled on a cute $3 silver tree from Target. It`s perfect! I have it sitting on top of my bookshelf and it fits in well with my Paris-themed Christmas snowglobe (which I actually keep out all year). I decorated it with blue ornaments (I love the white/silver/blue look but have never done it before myself) and adore it!!

I had some leftover ornaments and silver tinsel and was wondering what to do with them... so I attempted to decorate the valance to my blinds on the back sliding door. I wrapped the tinsel around the valance and then hung the leftover ornaments on it. It actually looks really cool!!!

The next design I did took a lot of preparation but I knew that, out of everything, I was definitely going to do this. I had been in Anthropologie and saw these giant hanging pinecones as decoration. My thought? I can do that too! So I did! I went out hiking, collected a bunch of pinecones (yes, we have pinetrees here in Florida!) and then left them outside for a few days to let the bugs crawl out. Why buy pinecones when I can get them outside for free? lol. When I finally brought them in, I shook them in my trashcan and bugs were still coming out of them, so I decided to boil them just to be safe (Florida bugs can be scary... and nasty). When you boil pinecones, they close back up. I put them on a drying rack and left them there for a few days until they fully dried and opened back up nice and big again (they actually opened up bigger than how I had found them!). I then took rope and tied it around the bottoms of the pinecones and attached them to my ceiling in my living room above my TV stand (the lights are there all year round). It`s such a unique decoration and really makes it look super festive!! I considered putting glitter on them... might do that next year!

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