Anyone Tried This? Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream

6 years ago

Today, I purchased a new product that I wanted to try out. It is the Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream in the Regular formula. I was really interested in the product claims and how it could help my skin.

It says, "Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream is formulated with the most advanced skin care ingredients to give you a more radiant, balanced complexion. Our skin lightening formula is clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations that may be caused by age, the sun, minor scars, pregnancy or contraceptive use. Special moisturizers combined with essential vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy soften skin`s texture, eliminating any rough, flaky patches. Daily use will return your skin to an even, natural tone.

Its active ingredients are:
- Hydroquinone 2.0% used for skin lightener
- Octisalate 3.0% used for sunscreen

Directions For Use: Palmer`s recommends applying Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream twice a day, ideally in the morning before make-up, and once in the evening. Skin may experience some minor irritation at the beginning of the treatment. This is normal and should subside within 3-4 days. If irritation is persistent or severe, treatment should be discontinued immediately. Consult a doctor if the condition does not improve quickly. For external use only.

Information below about Frequently Asked Questiosn about Fade Cream is taken directly from the included pamphlet in the product container

Q: How does Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream work?
A: Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream contains the maximum allowable amount of hydroquinone, one of the safest and most effective ingredients for eliminating skin discolorations and evening skin tone. Hydroquinone works by reducing excess pigment. Special emollients combined with Vitamin C and E and Alpha Hydroxy provide extra moisturization to keep skin soft without being greasy.

Q: When will I see an improvement?
A: Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream will gradually fade unwanted dark spots. Results should be visible within 6-8 weeks of treatment. Pelase be aware that skin that is being treated with Hydroquinone can be extra-sensitive to the sun. Because of this, Palmer`s has added a sunscreen to the product. Additionally, Palmer`s recommends the daily use of a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher to prevent future discoloration.

Q: Which formula is right for me?
A: Palmer`s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream is available in three formulas: Regular, for Oily Skin and for Dry Skin. Most skin types will respond well to the Regular formula. It can be used with or in place of your regular moisturizer and acts as a perfect base under makeup. Those with oily or problematic skin may prefer to use the for Oily Skin formula which is specially blended to be non-greasy and non-comedogenic. It will not clog pores or cause breakoutso. The for Dry Skin formula is for people with extra dry skin that may be especially sensitive. This formula contains rich moisturizers to soften and protect the skin.

Note to Consumers: Darkening of the product is natural. When hydroquinone is exposed to air it causes the product to darken. Most consumers finish the product before this occurs. If darkening does occur, the product is still safe and effective.

So far from the product description and claims, this product seems to be a winner. However, I have yet to test the product out. Starting tonight, I will replace my current night cream and daytime lotion with this product to see. I have a lot of acne scarring near my chin area!

Has anyone tried this product before? Please share your thoughts and opinions about it. I`m looking forward to adding this to my skincare regime. I`ll end up doing a post about this product perhaps three months later after using it and share my experiences with this creme.

2.7 Oz - bought at CVS for around $6

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