Any Tips for the Beginning Youtuber?

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I know that some of you out there do have Yuotube channels or watch other gurus and I recently just started mine because I thought it would be a good experience so I jsut wanted to ask if any of you guys had some tips to become a better guru or just what you like seeing in gurus?

Questions (I have alot so feel free to answer what you want):
1. What are your favorite types of videos?
2. Do you prefer a more professional attitude or a funner one?
3. What would you suggest to hold my camera if I don`t have a tripod?
4. How can I promote myself without spamming everywhere?
5. Do you prefer videos that take a long time to get up that are great quality and editing or videos that are more relaxed and casual?

Thanks for your help!


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