Anxiety, Finish Her

That woman never got butterflies in my stomach waiting for your love? Or even looking forward to a particular event, the result of test or something? Anxiety is a feeling that can strike anyone, even like a lot of sense, but also give us that feeling of "butterflies in the stomach," she can make that good feeling in a big problem, let us know a little more about this " disease "?

Anxiety is caused by a mental disorder that has no cure, only treatment. People who suffer from this "disease" generally feel an uneasiness, fear, uneasiness, that things need to happen soon. Some people may get to live unsettled, with the anxiety that something will happen, afraid of something she does not know what is.
Often this problem generates a malaise not only for the person, but also for people who live together. Therefore it is ideal if you suffer this evil, try to deal with! A simple change of environment can do with those who suffer from anxiety have an "attack" of agitation.
What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is a feeling of excitation of neurons, is a sign alerting us as if we were expecting something bad happens or threatening. Anxiety is a natural feeling of the body, it prepares us to deal with different situations, like losing a relative or termination of a relationship.
The anxiety gives us a pang, a vague feeling, despite being a feeling, anxiety can also reflect more physical sensations such as cold in the stomach, headache, shortness of breath, insecurity and other like diarrhea, difficulty concentration, vomiting, insomnia, and weakness. Symptoms vary from person to person, some other symptoms have all but a few.
Anxiety can also bring a sleepless night a person, whether through inability to sleep, since your body is humming along, anxious, or causes such as nightmares, sleep light, etc..
Since anxiety attacks the body`s nervous system, symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, stomach pain, indigestion, shortness of breath, excessive sweating and other changes in the nervous system can occur.
Anxiety is like a warning, serving to warn of a possible suffering. The common anxiety does us no harm, despite suffering a bit, but beyond the natural appearance, your body may try to do this forever, leaving anxiety appear without explanation, beyond the level of the ordinary, worsening symptoms and consequences.
The pathological anxiety affect humans, such as anxiety in the lock, and unlike the common anxiety, she hangs on to face the "problem". Anxiety harmful to our body can be generated by heredity, drugs of all kinds such as cigarette, alcohol, or excessive worry. This type of anxiety symptoms worsen, causing fear of dying, fear of going crazy and can also produce diseases such as labyrinthitis, heart failure, asthma, and other disorders such as phobias, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), depression, panic disorder, and so on.
The best thing is you get medical help! And many cases of anxiety, treatment is the use of psychotherapy, but only you who can diagnose this is a specialized physician.
Symptoms of anxiety can be controlled with medications prescribed by a physician, such as antidepressants, but who want a natural treatment you can use the therapy, yoga and meditation are the most suitable. The power of an anxious person has to take great care should be well colored, avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine, exercising always helps.
Anxiety has no cure, but appropriate treatment can live normal lives without major complications.

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