ANTS IN MY PANTS Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches

5 years ago

This is one of the new Wet n Wild Spoiled collection nail polishes and this particular shade is
Ants in my Pants! These polishes retail for $1.99 each and are being sold exclusively at CVS Pharmacy. I actually spotted this polish because I was browsing around the beauty section, looking at polishes on the Spoiled display and glanced over and saw Ants in my Pants sitting on the display table away from the Spoiled display. Immediately I grabbed it because it was absolutely GORGEOUS in my opinion. Many people are saying this is a
dupe of Deobora Lippmanns Ruby Red Slippers polish, which retails for $18 a bottle. Since I dont personally own this nail polish, I am including the link to a picture which shows the Debora Lippmann polish If you ask me, just from a visual, Id say this is a dupe! Ants in my Pants is a gorgeous black based polish with red small and chunky red glitters. It took three coats to get the polish to be opaque. The first coat goes on very sheer grey-black, the second coat the grayness tends to darken but you can still see your nail bed, but on the third coat the black really adheres and becomes gorgeous. When I first purchased this and used it, the formula reminds me of Revlons Facets of Fuchsia. Revlons base shade formula plays off a bit darker than the Wet n Wild but overall I absolutely LOVE this shade (and Ive raved about how much I LOVE Facets of Fuchsia). I am going to try using a black base underneath this, then painting this polish over it. I think it would work just wonderfully.
Have you spotted Ants in my Pants at your local CVS? If so, have you purchased or are you interested in purchasing? Do you think this is a dead ringer dupe of Deborah Lippmanns Ruby Red Slippers? Attached images are mine do not take or use. Thank you. beauty

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