Antoine Walker Loses His 2006 NBA Championship Ring

5 years ago

One of the saddest things that could happen to someone is having to file for bankruptcy. Former NBA player Antoine Walker, had to file for bankruptcy in May 2010 after blowing the $110 million dollars he made playing basketball. This was due to living a lavish lifestyle, bad real estate deals, gambling and giving it away. Geeze where was I when you were liberally handing out your cash why I was eating chef boyardee as a student hmm? But it is really sad since he went from having $110 million to selling his NBA Championship Ring for $21, 500, which he won with the Miami Heat. Due to this he also lost his fiancee and many friends. Well good thing he didn`t marry his fiancee because she probably would`ve left him and would`ve lied during the wedding ceremony if they chose the vows that included "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer." parts. $110 million is more than the majority of people will ever see in a life time. If I had that kind of money I`d donate to charities once in a while, but otherwise be a pretty cheap prick.

What would you do with $110 million dollars?
Do you have any vices that would cause you trouble if you had that sort of money?
Would you leave your significant other if they blew all of that money away?

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