Anthropologie-Inspired Hanging Pincecones!

3 years ago

When I went into Anthropologie around the holidays, I saw these adorable hanging pinecones as decor. I figured it was something I could recreate myself and set out to do just that! Here, you`ll find out how to get the same look, too! :)

What You Need:
-Real pinecones
-Thumb tacks
-Pot for boiling water

1. Find Pinecones!
This is without doubt the most fun part :) I took a hike and spent some time collecting the pinecones I found on the ground. You want to make sure the ones you collect are `fresh,` big, and not smushed or dis-colored.

2. De-bug The Cones
When bringing anything into your home from nature, you want to make sure you leave the bugs outside. I set my pinecones on my patio for a couple days to let all the little critters wander out. When I brought the pinecones inside, I gently tapped them against the inside of my trashcan to get any remaining ones out. Surprisingly, a couple large beetles came out! Eeek! (Florida bugs tend to be awful... lol)

3. Boil The Pinecones
This might sound weird, but trust me. You NEED to do this. Boiling the pinecones serves two purposes: 1) It kills ANY remaining tiny creatures living inside and 2) It`ll make the pinecones even bigger (they`ll open up more). The water will turn brown and the pinecones will actually close up, but DON`T worry! Just dry the pinecones on a drying rack with the tip pointing UP. It will take a few days for them to completely dry, but you will notice them opening back up even bigger than before! (see picture 2)

4. Tie Twine Around The Pinecones
Determine where you want your pinecones to hang (I have mine hanging above my television) and measure out the length from ceiling to where you want to pinecones to hang. Add about 6 more inches to that to make room for tying the twine around the pinecone. I used rope twine (see picture 3) to give a rustic feel, like Anthropologie has. If your pinecones has little `stems` on the ends of them, just tie the twine around that. If not, tie the twine around the cone and push it into the cone to hide it and make the string `invisible.` (see picture 4)

5. Hang From Ceiling
Once all the pinecones you want to hang have their twine tied to them, tie a little knot at the end of the twine. Push a thumbtack through the knot (to secure the twine) and then push the thumbtack into the ceiling. The pinecone should now be hanging from the ceiling! Arrange them however you want - in a big group, small group, in a row, all spaced out or together... it`s up to you! You can arrange a lot of cool designs. I put mine in a line at alternating lengths to give dimension to the space above my tv. It looks great!

6. Behold Your Crafty Awesomeness!
Take some time to admire your new decor and craftiness. It`s always nice to design something yourself and display it like this! :) Congrats - you now have Anthropologie-inspired home decor!

**I plan to switch out the pinecones for driftwood and starfish in the summertime! How very beachy!

Let me know if you try this, or a variation of it, out in your home or apartment! :)

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*Images and text are my own!*

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