Another Target Haul and Impressions

2 years ago

Lately I`ve been randomly stopping by at Target. I honestly couldn`t tell you why but I just happen to. Just a few days ago I posted a haul from them for buying essential items that you can find here:

What I got and Impressions:

-Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner. A few months back I received Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing products. However, from the Naked line, I was mainly interested in trying this cleansing conditioner. It intrigued me because I never heard of a cleansing conditioner before. I thought conditioners were meant to moisturize and make your hair nice and healthy, while shampoos cleansed. I am excited to try this out and I know my shower routine will go by a lot faster with this! The smell of this is quite minty compared to the minty/fruity scent of the volumizing line. And the bottle is a lot bigger than the others and has a pump instead.

-A box of Band-Aids. For some reason, I mostly find random cuts and scrapes here and there. May be it`s cause I`m a klutz and don`t notice these things ha. I decided to buy the box with various sizes since you never know when you`ll need a smaller or larger than average band-aid. And band-aids are a must have in every household.

-Lastly I picked up Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails in Oval. I generally don`t use false nails since my nails are quite long. However, I recently broke a few nails and am planning to use these to even out the lengths. I haven`t tried these before but these were the only oval shaped nails available. And I generally have oval nails.

Overall, I`m happy with my random Target haul. I`m excited to try out the Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner and the Kiss nails. Hopefully everything will turn out nicely.

Have you tried any cleansing conditioners before or the Kiss Full Cover Oval nails?

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