Another Reason to Doll Yourself Up

4 years ago

Dr. Swami`s article "Do Attractive People Get Preferential Treatment?" found that basically, the more attractive you are the easier your life gets. You are more likely to get jobs, you`re treated better in bed, and basically get what you want way more often than unattractive cohorts.

We always hear that "it`s what`s inside that counts." I am not disagreeing; in the long run that is so very true. But for those everyday interactions with people we`ll probably never see again, first impressions make all the difference. And if your first impression is "I`m a slob," well, you do the math.

Attractive people are consistently considered to be ranked higher in almost everything positive, from intelligence to agreeableness to approachability to anything else. As the article states, "we not only perceive them differently, we also treat attractive people more favorably than we do less attractive people."

So, wake up early if you have to. Do your hair, bat your eyes, and give your most charming smile to everyone you meet. Fake it til you make it, it might mean getting that fantastic job you`ve always wanted.

And read this article, you`ll learn a lot!

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