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1 year ago

Another NFL Player Killed...

First it was Jovan Belcher`s who shot his girlfriend nine times
and himself. Jovan Belcher shot himself at the Arrowhead
Stadium in front of Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and
coach Romeo Crenne.

Now here`s another tragic story that includes players from the
NFL. Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Jerry Brown was reportedly
killed in a car accident that led to his teammate, Josh Brent who
was the driver.

With that being said Josh Brent is being charged intoxication
manslaughter. Even though Jerry was on the team he was
on their Cowboys practice squad where Brent was on the
active roster. Both went school && played in college in Illinois.
Even though Brown was put here and there, but he did
manages to play one of the Colts game this season. Josh
Brent on the other hand played all 12 games with the
Cowboys this year.

1. What are your thoughts about NFL passing away?
2. Do you watch Football?

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