Another lush haul?

4 years ago

Okay to justify myself, I bought this back in April 20 from the UK lush and I was in the need of a good cleanser because my skin was going insane!! And that never happens too! So i just turned back to Lush because their products are close to organic and the real deal.

When I got the box, I was expecting super cool wrapping like the ones I have seen on youtube and other people`s haul but I`m not complaining since I got my products :). The front of the box has a little sticker that tells who packaged your parcel which I thought was really cute :D. Thanks Jill!

What I got this time around :
-Aromaco Solid Dedorant
-Breath of Fresh Air tone water 100 g
-Angels on Bare skin
-Caca Brun Henna

I wanted to get the deodorant because I wanted an alternative to the deodorants you would find in the drugstore because I heard that you can get cancer from it and I was curious about this LOL. My boyfriend always makes fun of me and say that I have this "foxy smell". To me it just smells like sweat without all the water LOL. Me no likey!

Back two years ago when I got the tea tree toner, I bought the wrong one and should have got the Breath of fresh air but that was my fault since I didn`t know what the differences were so I blindly just choose one. I finally got the right one and am testing it out so I`ll let you guys in on the details later!

Angels on bare skin is another best seller of lush and I wanted to try it out myself :) It has almond in it and chamille in it so it smoothes and calm the skin while it exfoliates gently. It smells very different and for those that aren`t fimilar to the lush scent might be put off by it but you will get used to it after a while.

And the last but not least! The Caca brun henna is basically like a box color but better! It is free of chemicals and dyes your hair. But instead of the pigments going into your scalp, the henna just coats your hair and moisturize it because this product is made with chea butter too! So your hair will be super sliky after the treatment. The one down side I would have to say is the length of time you`d have to leave this in your hair for 2 and a half hour and to start this product, you have to chop it up and add hot liquid >_<. Oh well, I just can`t wait to get my hair cut tomorrow and get this done on my day off WEEE!

Oh I also asked for three samples which you would submit when you pay, in the Message for packager or something close to that and you just click it and fill in the box.

Oh I forgot to mention that buying from the UK website, you save almost 1/3 of what you would pay for it in North America, even after the shipping so you do the calculations of of much cheaper it is. I know that the henna is $25 here in Canada and USA and on the UK website, it wouldb only be $12 CAD. Insane right!

*All pictures are mine*

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