Another CVS Haul, I Found It! :D

4 years ago

Hey guys!
Yesterday after school I needed to de-stress so I decided to do some retail therapy! ahh If you wanna hear the story about my day, I`ll write it at the end of the post. I hope you guys get a chuckle out of it! Anyway, I decided to go to CVS and see if I could find the other Maybelline Color Tattoo I was looking for, <strong>Barely Branded</strong>.

I did end up finding it! Last one in stock too! :) I decided to continue shopping around and look for a new eyeliner. I stumbled upon the <strong>Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner</strong>. It`s felt tipped (which is what I have been looking for) and I thought it was so cute! It`s mini and gold!

Lastly, I picked up another bottle of <strong>Tresemme Heat Tamer</strong>. My last bottle has long been used up, and in the store there was a coupon for $1.75 off. So it ended up being a good deal!

<strong>What do you think of this haul? Have you ever tried any of these items?</strong>

<em>and now for my story...</strong>
So yesterday my school was hosting a blood drive for the Red Cross. I decided to sign up and donate, for a good cause and all. I went down during my first hour class, at 8:00. Everything was fine, I filled out a questionnaire, they pricked my fingers to check my iron levels, had my blood pressure tested, etc. All that was good and dandy! I was then led over to where they were taking the blood. It was like a bed (cot thing) that I had to lay down on. Now needles get me a little squeamish, but I still wanted to donate because it was a good cause! By the way, when you donate they take a pint of your blood.

Anyway, so they insert the needle in my arm and all is still fine. They process of removing the blood takes anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes. My blood flows pretty quickly so I was done at about the 7 minute mark. The nice nurse because to take the needles out of my arm.

Welp, this is where everything went downhill. I did not see the needle nor did I see the blood bag, but as soon as the needle left my arm I began to feel VERY dizzy. I ended up passing out!! When I woke up there were 8 people around me. Inoticed that they removed the scarf I was wearing and there were wet cloths on my head and neck. my hands and feet went numb! They made me breathe into a brown paper bag, and even then I still couldn`t sit up because I was so dizzy and my vision was blurring. Oh and by the way, while this is happening to me there`s about 4 other people getting blood taken and 10 people waiting in line to. Surprised I didn`t scare them off

Long story short, I ended up being put in a wheelchair, wheeled over to the recovery area (where I had water, juice, and graham crackers), and after about 20 minutes when I was about to walk I was able to leave. BUT they made me go down to the nurses office first to check in there, just in case I felt dizzy/lightheaded again. My first hour teacher (who was also in charge of the blood drive) walked me down there to make sure I made it okay. By the time I got out of there, it was 9:30 lol. It was a pretty traumatizing experience. But hey, it was all for a good cause!!

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