Anonymous Hacks Syrian President Email

5 years ago

The Anonymous group strikes again and this time their target was the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.
Now with a goal of hacking a president account, you would think they had to fight a little for it with all the security but this might have probably been one of their easiest attacks because <strong>guess what the password was?!</strong> 1234 ! loool Can you believe it?! I was surprised how someone like a president and that is supposed to also have tech people would pick such an easy password. Maybe he picked the easiest one thinking it would be the last someone tried because it was obvious, who knows.
The group is most likely still going throw the emails of the president and the president is probably picking the next password that is just 4 numbers in a row.

<strong>What do you think of a president having a password like 1234? Don`t think his tech staff should have advice him better? Are you guilty of having one of the most predicable passwords on the most predicable passwords list(don`t need to share it lol) ?</strong>

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