Annya Sand Art

Exhibition: Annya Sand, Abstract Thinking
Art Gallery of Uzbekistan
Style.Uz Art Week
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

5th 19th October 2012
Openings 5th and 6th October 2012

London based artist Annya Sand, whose oil paintings are clearly influenced by the Impressionists, is currently in great demand. Born in Kazakhstan, she is a conscientious, generous and hardworking young artist, with an eye on the bigger picture. Receiving critical acclaim, she was recently described by Art of England Magazine as "an exciting artist whose work is crossing divisions and taking the art world by storm". Annyas work is predominantly abstract.

As the focus of the international art market continues to move and shift, young international artists like Annya are adapting accordingly, seeking representation in several different countries simultaneously to build the profile of their work. Annya`s profile is building steadily as she exhibits regularly in London alongside artists as diverse as Banksy and Peter Blake, and she is frequently called upon to exhibit her work in Russia.

This Autumn, Annya will open a solo exhibition of her abstract work entitled `Abstract Thinking` at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan on 5th October. Organised in conjunction with the Fund Forum, `Abstract Thinking` is supported by The Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan and the Foundation and Art Gallery of Uzbekistan. The exhibition is part of Style.Uz, Uzbekistan`s annual Art Week festival, 5-19 October 2012.

Annya says of her series of work for the show,

"This collection of 17 works are inspired by a story event or image that has influenced my view and perception of life. I hope that my abstract way of expressing my inspirations will allow you to relate to my art and enhance your own ideas and experiences in life."

Some of the works in the exhibition are strongly reminiscent of Monet`s later more abstract works in the world famous `Waterlilies` series. Annya, who clearly enjoys working with oil paint and the possibilities it offers her, has a personal attitude and a confidence with the medium and with abstraction which is unusual in a young artist.

"Often I start my abstract paintings without a set image in my mind ... This process feels very much like a personal state of meditation when I completely give in and allow myself to drift away from the surrounding environment concentrating fully on the world of colours and shapes in my paintings."

While in Uzbekistan for the exhibition, Annya will travel around the country to Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, exploring the architectural beauty of the region for a forthcoming new series of work dedicated to Central Asia. Annya is passionate about exposing the art and culture of Russia and Central Asia to the Western world.

"Annya is one of London`s most exciting abstract artists, her subtle use of earthy tones, occasionally overlaid with flashes of more intense colour, have become the trade mark of her work and have won her a strong following." Art in London Magazine

While working as a Co-Director of the Russian, Eastern and Oriental Art Fair in London in 2010 which raised money for the Children`s Burns Trust, Annya launched the `Annya Sand Art Prize` with the support of the leading British art critic, Andrew Graham-Dixon, who chaired an impressive judging panel of revered London gallerists and critics.

In an interview with Andrew Graham-Dixon, Annya said that she set up the prize in order to "seek out emerging artists, to support them and give them a `leg-up`." Having been born in Kazakhstan and grown up in the UK, Annya says she understands how hard it is for young artists of other nationalities to get a break in the Western art world.

While rooted in her Kazakh heritage, Annya Sands art bridges the two worlds of the former Soviet Union and Londons art scene. Her passion to promote other artists and her philanthropic deeds makes Annya one of the key influencers in the eastern European and British artistic communities.

Annya Sand is represented in the UK by Tanya Baxter Contemporary at The Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea, London.

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