Anne Hathaway On A 500 Calorie Diet - Why?!+Calorie Advice

5 years ago

Anne Hathaway is going to be on the movie "Les Miserables" but that role and preparing for it will be more difficult than others.
In part of the movie she will play a role where she needs to be very thin (even though she is thin already) and so, because she needs to lose weight fast for the scenes, she is going on a 500 calories. But why?! I mean, celebs should know better, especially with the access to trainers and doctors they have that reducing the calories so much, especially when you are already in a healthy weight, is very dangerous and it will take a toll on the body, just look at Mila Kunis that said the because of the weight loss for Black Swan her body wasn`t the same ( I posted it here : )

But I also blame the producers because they could easily use CGI to make her look the way they want, especially considering its just a few scenes that they want her to look that way.

I think celebrities should give an example and shouldn`t do this type of diets, actually, no one should. A calorie restricted diet needs rules and to be done in a healthy way and so<strong> if you are looking to reduce calories to lose weight, here is my tip/advice : If you are men, don`t go bellow 1500 and if you are a woman, don`t go bellow 1200 calories.</strong> These are the safe values i found while doing some research and gathering information some time ago.

<strong>What do you think of Anne Hathaway 500 calorie diet? Would you do one like this?
Were you aware about the dangerous of low calorie diets and the safe calorie numbers?</strong>

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