Animals wedding ?! Seriously ?

Hello guys !
If you have 140,000 $ and don`t know what to do with them i have brilliant idea for you. Animal weeding yeeey... Oh you don`t have 140 thousands for party ? What a pity... Seriously this is mega weird. I know that mega rich people don`t know what to do with money. They have like 10000 Birkins, Lv bags, clothes from new collections, the best cars, few houses but they still have too much money. And they spend them for really weird things just like animal weeding. I also love animals and weeding could be a real fun but please for that much money ? Can`t it be only for few friends in home with some cake and wine ? Wendy Diamond must be very very bored that she made something like this. Her dogs has got even their own advisers, stylist... Goood. I know that this is her money and it`s not my bussines but she could give that money to for example UNICEF or just help people in Africa, Haiti i don`t know there are tones of people who need help. It`s sad that we all read about people who die everyday because don`t have money for food and after that we read about dogs weeding for thousands dollars. Ok, i understand that we could spend that kind of money for human wedding. It`s very imporant day for us, especially woman, we need perfect white dress, ring and all that things. But dogs or other animals even don`t know what`s going on !
What do you think ?

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