Angry Birds Theme Park

4 years ago

Now that`s my kind of park. Angry Birds has been a popular game for quite some time now. It is always one the list of Top 25 app downloads in the App Store whenever I check. I even have all of the games. <strong>ALLLLLLL of them</strong>, and yes, I have also beat every level. Getting three stars in each is a different story, but I digress.

<Strong>Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Theme Park in Finland</strong> consists of 12 rides, an adventure course, games, and food points. It is designed for families and children, so it should be a ton of fun! I know little kids will love it because my neighbor`s little 7-year-old is always asking for my iPod or iPhone so she can play the game. I`m sure she would like the theme park just as much, if not more. <strong>I know I would!</strong>

The park has already opened, but they are still adding finishing touches now through June 2012. That`s not too far off. The official celebration of the opening is June 8. So if you are in the area, go visit and tell me how it is!

If it`s not near you you can follow the source link and it will suggest a plane route (kinda).

I really want to visit. But because it`s not here in the States, I will have to settle by playing my Angry Birds games all by myself in a lonesome corner. Sigh.

<strong>Would you like to visit an Angry Birds Land?
Do you like/play the games?</strong>

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