Angry Bird Star Wars

4 years ago

Another one of my latest addictions. Now I am not a Star Wars fan at all, but I love how different this version of Angry Birds is. Actually, I`m not even that big of a fan of the regular Angry Birds. This just seemed interesting and I had gotten a iTunes gift card for Christmas so I thought, hey why not?

So a little break down/spoiler of this game. Because those pictures for the description of what the bird does nothing to help me with the game. Okay, the normal red bird, in this game at first, he`s just a normal bird, later on, he gets a light saber that you tap to activate. Then there is the black bird that totally confused me. He basically moves the objects in front of him. You have to get close to the objects in order to move them. And where you tap is the direction the objects fly towards. They yellow bird has a gun but he only shoots about 3 bullets. And that`s as far as I got.

This game really is fun. Apparently there is a secret level at the end that, for android versions, you can only access if you have either paid for the game or beat all levels with 3 stars. Not sure how it works on apple though since you can only play it if you buy it.

Happy gaming and let me know what you guys think of this game and if you have any suggestions for their fun games.

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