Angie Harmon @ Paris Fashion Week

3 years ago

Angie Harmon was among the celebs at Paris Fashion week this past week, but I don`t know what to say about her particular sense of style.

I`m going to start at the top and leave the best/worst for last lol.

Her hair and make-up were practically non-existent - her hair needs to be brushed and it looks like there is no make-up on her face. I know we all have days where doing our hair or make0up is the last thing on our minds, but if you are at Fashion week, I would expect to put in a little more effort!

Next is the Dior Jacket with a snakeskin print - It`s kind of interesting with the sporty feel paired with the snakeskin print. I`m surprised I don`t hate it! LOL The sporty white,blue and red bands match really well with the rest of her outfit.
I actually really like the Michael Kors skirt and simple white top. It is a perfect `on the go` yet office friendly look. However, considering she is at Fashion week, it`s a little boring.

It seems as though she tried to amp up the couture factor with her accessories, adding the skull necklace and of course those monstrous heels!

The shoes are from Nicholas Kirkwood, and they are horrendous! The entire outfit is slim and sleek until you get to her feet where we have these big pom poms of fur. Ugly and unnecessary. They are not ugly like `uggs` kinda of ugly - at least Uggs keep you warm and serve a purpose. These are just ugly for the sake of ugly - trying to be avant garde but just end up looking like horse feet.

This outfit has some pieces that could be great (I still love the skirt), but overall it`s a TOTAL MISS!

What do you think?

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