Angelina Jolie`s Engagement Ring Jeweler Sued For Fraud

5 years ago

The gorgeous 10 carat diamond engagement ring that is currently resting on Angelina`s tiny little ring finger was created by the jeweler Robert Procop. Luckily Angelina`s ring is no fake. It is valued at $500,000. Holy guacamole. But the same cannot be said about a necklace Procop sold. He fraudulently sold it as a 25 carat diamond necklace, but it was really ONLY 17 carats. Wow....

I am by no means a diamond expert, but why would you try to fool someone willing to throw down the money for 25 carats? If they can afford that then I am sure they would know the difference between a measly 17 carat diamond and a 25 carat diamond.

Procop was sued for fraud and negligent misrepresentation, so he had to pay up $90,000. He could have avoided losing about $100K if he had just paid attention more. That was a very, VERY costly mistake on his part. Poor guy. But if he`s crafting engagement rings worth $500,000, I am sure that`s just pocket change.

Given the lawsuit, I think Brad Pitt should get Jolie`s engagement ring appraised by someone else JUST to be sure. I mean, better safe than sorry, Brad!

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