Angelina Jolie is 98 lbs??

5 years ago

This is a quote from the magazine-

Angelina hardly ever eats, and she rarely gets more than four or fice hours of sleep a night. And she gets terribly depressed, to the point where she is inconsolable, a source tells Star. Angelinas been very emotional lately and cries at the drop of a hat Everyone close to her fears shes biting off more than she can chew. Theyre afraid shes on the verge of suffering a completely breakdown.

Do you believe this?

I personally think story is true, but there is no way she is 98 lbs! She`s 5"7! How can she be so light when she is that tall. She looks no less than 110 lbs at the very least because of her height. Most models are around her height and at least 115 lbs. She looks about the size of a model here, maybe a bit thinner, but that might be because she has muscle and most models don`t.
I`m 5"3 and I look too thin once I go under 100 lbs so if she is under 100 and 4 inches taller... well she would be just bones which is not good. I don`t think she would be able to function if she was that thin. She would be stuck on a bed. I think the magazine was just trying to capture people`s attention by plastering on a number that was under 100lbs and in the double digits so we would want to read the article and buy their magazine!
Honestly, I just hope she is okay!

Do you guys agree with what I said?

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