Android vs iOS Battle of the giants

5 years ago

This a debate that both android and iOS users have and its a comparison that probably wont end anytime.
My first phone with an OS that you could put apps on was Symbian and it used to be the Hit OS at the time back in 2003. Until last year, most of the phones I had were Symbian and in January 2011 I decided to get an Android phone with a discount and it was a LG P500 (the one in the picture). It was my first Android and I struggled with it for a while but I came to understand how the OS works and enjoying it, I got so used to it that the next change was a bit difficult.
Some months ago I got an iPhone 4 because I have always wanted an iPhone and I could get one with a really big discount. The change was difficult and it still is because I was so used to the android OS and how it works that I struggle with this. I dont find iOS to be that much more accessible and easy to use than android like some people claim and there are limitations in the iOS that you could get around in the android.

However, there are great apps for it and I can type on it very easily, much better than on my android phone. It also has the voice control ( not SIRI) that I can use to dial numbers and even though it doesnt get every person I say right, it does work with most contacts I call to and it doesnt require data connection, which is great for driving.

They both have pros and cons but to be honest and even though I really like the iPhone,if I had to pick a phone now I would go with an android phone probably =/ Even Steve Wozniack has admitted that he prefers android to the iphone and that the android OS is better than iOS.

Now im wondering:
<strong>Do you have android,iOS or other phone OS? Which OS would you pick as your favorite?</strong>

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