Android Phone Inside A Magazine - Android Phone As A Way Of Advertisement

4 years ago

Android phones are a huge part of the phone market but one use that no one,or at least not much people, thought before was to use it on a magazine and as a way of advertising.
The CW and Entertainment Weekly had this idea and EW published on their magazine a CW section that had this android phone inside that would stream and show the latest news/promos of CW shows. Very cool right?!

They actually used a cheap android phone(Costs around 40$ online) with a small screen, android 2.2 and took it apart, using only the screen, battery and just the necessary hardware for it to function.

I think this is a great idea and i can see more companies using this kind of advertisement because its something that its not easily forgettable and it really makes you pay attention to what is advertised because its an unsual way to advertise in a magazine.
It didnt mention if the price of the magazine, but i don`t think they would raise the price because that wouldn`t be fair to the costumer.

<strong>What do you think of advertising using a android phone&screen on a magazine?
Do you think this is the future of advertisement?</strong>

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