Android Mannequins instead of Regular headless Mannequins!

<em>Have you ever been freaked out of by a random mannequin? I know I have when I was at a mall that I wasn`t familiar with and I turned around it was a headless mannequin, lol. But this would be more way more creepy as it is "alive" but without guts/heart/etc!</em>

This here is an <Strong>android mannequin</strong>, these mannequins are operated by android robots so they can smile, nod, yawn and interact with those who window shop which then attracts them in the store. This is a selling promotion for Valentines Day to lure people in to check out the store and hopefully purchase something [this shop looks like it sells high end products such as cologne, purses, chocolates and so forth]

<Strong>What if headless mannequins are going to be with a head and can interact?</strong> That would totally be creepy if all mannequins would be un-headless and can interact however it would be very costly and not necessary. The Japanese are always up to date with updated technology.. I guess this is a good promotion as of right now because it`s unique and new however if this is around for a year or so it`d bore everyone and be useless unless you live somewhere that doesn`t have high technology like this!

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