Android App News: Google adds `Bouncer` malware scanner

5 years ago


Google`s appropriately named `Bouncer` service is preventing malicious apps making their way to the Android Market, hence denying them access to your prized Android handset

Google has introduced a new automated sweeping system called `Bouncer,` which will scan newly-submitted apps for potentially harmful software and remove them before they`re published to the Android Market.

The new `Bouncer` system arrives at a time when complaints of harmful trojans, spyware and other dangerous apps are at an all-time high on Google`s official app download platform.

When Bouncer detects an anomaly it sets off an alarm, alerting a member of staff who can prevent it from reaching the Android Market and hence prevent it from ruining your prized Android handset and sending all of your passwords to some crook in Costa Rica. Bouncer will also recheck apps that have already appeared on the Android Market.

The company says that the user experience on the Android Market has been unaffected, aside from the obvious benefits of safeguarding us from the nastier elements of the download portal.

"We can observe the application for hidden behavior, and then flag it for review if it`s questionable," said Android VP of engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer, who said Bouncer has already been in action a number of months.

"The interesting thing is that no one really noticed. It didn`t disrupt the end user`s experience or disrupt the developers. They didn`t have to think about it at all."

Google`s announcement comes at a time when security experts have been pleading with the company to introduce an app scanning service for Android.

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