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4 years ago

It`s "suppose" to be a great tablet to use and it had all these "amazing" features and long lasting battery, 7 hrs i think they said and it had a built in camera which was suppose to be a good camera.
Don`t Listen To Lies. I bought this tablet a while ago because it was cheaper then the other tablets and the review said it was great. so i thought oh cool a tablet for under $100.00? i got to have this! but to be honest, it`s not the best tablet around. The battery doesn`t last to long it dies after hours and days of charging it. When i say it doesn`t last long, i mean it doesn`t! I would only be using it for like 10 mins then the next thing I know it has a low battery warning. The WiFi connection is very poor, I have to literally sit next to the modem. You are limited to apps, well you can download many Apps, but they aren`t useful, or fun. The speakers are not so great, its loud enough where you can hear but it`s not loud enough if you had your tablet 2 feet across from you. only one word can describe the camera, "Terrible". It was more like a kids tablet. (On the plus side i did get to watch YouTube!) I now know why it was cheaper then the other tablets, but then again maybe it was just me that had problems with it? or maybe not but. I won`t recommend you waste your money on this; it drove me freaken crazy, but then again some people "liked it" and maybe it was just me but i would like to send out a warning. If you`re gonna buy a tablet do more research on it, or just buy one like at BestBuy or something, sure it will be pricey-but it will be better then this one.

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