And the Konad-ing begins!

4 years ago

Got my Konad stuff about a week ago and I`ve fallen in love with nail stamping. How did I not know about nail stamping for so long??

After doing some research and deciding whether or not to get Konad brand stamper/plates or 3rd party ones I decided to get the Konad double sided stamper, one Konad plate in m57, and the Konad stamping polish in black.

I knew I would get the Konad brand stamper since I kept reading that some of the cheaper ones can`t pick up the designs as well and I figured since the stamper is something that I`d constantly be using I would want the better quality one. And they only go for about $5 each and decent 3rd party ones range from $3-5. Which isn`t much of a difference.

PLATES. This is where I spent the most time debating whether to get the 3rd party "fauxnad" bundles which come in bundles of 20-25 plates for the price of about 3-4 Konad plates. And after constantly seeing how people said that the fauxnad plates were decent but would be harder for those who are newer to nail stamping, I decided to get one Konad plate that I knew I would get a lot of use out of to get the general gist of stamping.

And while placing my order I decided to get the Konad black stamping polish which I sort of regret getting (wish I got white instead) since many of the regular polishes do work. I got it again so I could learn how to stamp properly, instead of struggling as a beginner. I do plan on getting the white since I`ve been reading it`s hard to find a white that is as opaque as the Konad one. As so black, there are many alternatives.

All in all, for those looking into nail stamping, I recommend getting the Konad double ended stamper, the little end is so convenient to have, and as for plates I really don`t think it matters but perhaps getting just one Konad plate to help you get the basics down might be a good idea.

I hope this helped those looking to get into nail stamping, pictures of my first nail stamping manis are on their way!

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