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2 years ago

So I can`t remember where, but like a bigillion years ago (okay not really) I wrote an article for a blog about this and here it is for all you beautiful people:

Hello all,
So im browsing the inter webs the other day and I`m going my youtube feed, like an normal girl who has a slight obsession with youtube might do. So I`m growing through my Pewdipie feed, and my IamCyr feed, and I come to the `You should watch this` feed. And this video above comes up. So me being me, I click it and sit back with my bowl of popcorn and watch.

So, really? This video makes me mad and makes me frustrated. The things I do on a daily basis are apparently wrong, according to these 3 guys I have never even seen before. So let me tell you this. If you have seen this video, or laughed at it or this made you mad, like it did to me, read my response to you.

You are beautiful, and don`t let any stupid boy tell you otherwise. You are smart, you are kind, and you are caring. You will and can do uh-mayzing things with your life, and don`t let any person tell you other wise. There is no need to shave every piece of hair of your body just to make someone happy, or act a certain way to get a boyfriend, because boyfriends come and go, but you will always have confidence.

I am the girl who doesn`t shave her arms because I don`t see the point and my eye make up is most likely way to dark, but i don`t really care. I don`t really care anymore and Im so happy about my body. I am proud to be the girl in black, and the girl who skates with the boys instead of painting her nails. I would rather me in comfy clothing than in stuck up dresses, not to say I don`t like dresses because I do.

This video is doesn`t mean you are not perfect because you are perfect in more ways then one. Never let a boy bring you down, or make you feel less of yourself.

Be smart
Be beautiful
and most of all be 100% you

Comment your reactions to the video and what your thoughts are about their opinions on girls...


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