And if it all started at the end?

4 years ago

Hello all, The game began with an assembly, based on a mega success of the film ("Jaws," 1975) brought online by a user of Youtube "If we see the movie Jaws backwards and forwards, tells the story of a shark regurgitates a lot of people until they have to open a beach." The thread quickly went viral and got over 3500 votes, comments and so many other versions of "If you watch the movie X backwards, tells the story of Y ...." that were emerging. The formula was being applied to an extensive list of films, emphasizing, typically, the hilarious and ridiculous aspects of the film. Here are some examples: "If we see the Karate Kid backwards, tells the story of a champion of karate that slowly turns into a sissy and eventually moving to New Jersey." "If we see Rambo back to the front, tells the story of a man who raises people with his magical suction gun." And so on, a different way of seeing the movies lol

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