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4 years ago

Like all my post this summer, this is another belated post. I think Luuux is out to get me because whenever I do find time to post the site ends up being down. Also, the fact that I am so behind on post that it makes me unmotivated to post because I sort of feel like my pictures are worthless.

Anyways, I wanted to post something I purchased earlier this summer that I have been loving. I went to Ulta one random day and saw an <strong>Anastasia Brow Kit</strong> on the clearance shelf. Anastasia products are not cheap and are so well loved on the internet that I did not hesitate to buy it when I saw it on sale. It was the last kit and luckily it looked like it had not been touched at all. I still sanitized it before using it because it was not sealed and the box looked a little beat up. When I went to purchase the kit, it rung up for only $10. As you can see, the priced marked says $16 from the retail price of $32.

I never really filled in my eyebrows before I got this kit. Some days I would using a matte brown eye shadow I have but never really found a shade I liked. Now, on days I wear make up I can`t leave the house without them being filled in. Filled eyebrows really makes a difference in a make up look...who knew? LMAO

The brow kit comes with 3 brow shades and 3 highlighting shades. I love the brow shades but I don`t care for the highlighting shade too much.

The 3 brow shades come in an ashy blonde, light brown, and a dark brown. I mixed the light brown and dark brown and use it to line the bottom of my brows. Then I take the ashy blonde and fill in the top of brows. It gives my brows a very natural look which I love.

I don`t use the 3 highlighting shades to highlight my brows. The three shades have very chunky glitter in my point of view. Instead I use it as an eye shadow when I`m in a rush and take the ashy blonde shade and stick it into my crease as well.

Also with the kit, it comes with a small sample of brow gel. Idk what a brow gel consistency is suppose to be like but I felt like mine dried up but i still use it though just to brush my brows into place.

I definitely recommend this kit if you are looking for something to fill in your brows with.

<strong>Do you fill in your eyebrows, if so what do you use? Have you tried Anastasia products before?</strong>

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