An haul with a good smell

4 years ago

As some people might have noticed I love candles and incense. I spend a lot of time in the room and I like to keep it cozy and with a good smell.
I like mainly in autumn and winter, I like to be warm and have candles burning, give me peace.

I ended up with my cupcake candle that smelled of vanilla from Primark, and was so good and I wanted another but there was no longer on sale, so I brought this small candle of <strong>Sweet Pea</strong> from <strong>Primark</strong> too, and only cost <strong>1</strong> and it smells really good.

Then, I bought on a local store incense that I also like to have, lit I don`t like so much because the smell is too strong, but not lit and in the display, it leaves a soft smell and I like a lot. I bought <strong>Red roses</strong> and <strong>Lavender</strong>, each one has a meant, but I don`t care with the meant but with the smell. But for curiosity, the red roses is for tempting romance and bliss and lavender ensures loving relationships and money.
Each one has cost <strong>0.50</strong> and brings 8 sticks.

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