An Eggsellente Gift

4 years ago

Hello fellow Luuuxers,

want a cute gift idea...wanna gift a small gift or a special message to a special someone but wanna be creative too?

Here`s a new idea: give a gift in an egg!

1. make a small hole one both ends of an ordinary chicken egg.
2. this can be difficult ... blow on one hole so that the contents of the egg come out of the other end. Let egg shell dry.
3. decorate your eggshell
4. cut a strip of paper, write your message and roll up the strip of paper as tight as you can
5. slip the paper roll through one of the holes made in the egg shell
6. wrap up and voilá

This was not my idea, please check it out at the source link below

What do you think?
How would you decorate your egg?
What messages you you put inside your egg?

P.S.: Sorry about the name, but I just couldn´t resist ;)

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