Amy`s OCD Beauty Regimen of the Moment: BLACKHEADS

5 years ago

I hate blackheads but I have them. Yuck. Its my obsessive compulsive beauty regimen these days. So, when I went to J-Town and walked into a cosmetic store, and saw the word PORE VACUUMER it instantly grabbed my attention. Yes, my compulsive makeup shopping self took over again =)

Pore Vacuumer Hot Gommage from Sana comes in a red tube and costs about think it was $15 for a small tube (size of Benefits Porefessional). So, its not on the cheaper side nor expensive. It`s gray and has the consistancy of a face scrub. My first impression of this product, "it looks like cement mix"...whatever as long as it does it job right? Who care about the consistancy...imo hehee

As of right now, Ive tried it twice, the first try I did not like it very much so I decided to give the product another try, another chance to redeem itself to the title Pore Vacuumerhmmm the same result. It does give you the feeling that its working but as far as results I havent seen it so far. The product basically warms itself up and it supposedly promise you it will dissolve your blackheads (well thats what the sales girls said)it didnt so far. Maybe I am using it wrong? I should give it another try but so far its a gimmick product.

Have you tried it? What is your secret to fighting unwanted blackheadsplease share, I need help =) thanks

Pics are mine-thx

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