Amy Adams switches plane tickets with a soldier

2 years ago

When traveling from place to place sitting in first class or coach may not seem like a big deal, but one Soldier recently received a flight upgrade.
Amy Adams who has past played a Disney Princess acted like a true princess recently when she switched seats with an American soldier. While she tried to be discrete and anonymous about the gesture word got out when ESPN correspondent Jemele Hill noticed that Ms. Adams wasn`t in her assigned seat, but someone else was. Ms. Adams took the soldiers seat sitting near the back of the plane in coach.
It is being said that at a later time Amy did talk to the soldier, but what words were exchanged is unknown.
It doesn`t take much courage to give up a first class seat for a coach one, but it certainly takes a grand personality and good character too. I can`t speak on anyone else`s behalf but I am honored to know that there are still people out there who treat our soldier with such a high regard and so much respect.
Now think the biggest favor here was done for the soldier but he wasn`t the only receiver. Can you imagine sitting in your seat and having Amy Adams sit next to you?
I can certainly say I would be in heaven!
What do you think of the seat trade?

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