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4 years ago

Cat Marnell aka Amphetamine Logic as her column on the vicemag site is appropriately named is probably the most bizarre, intriguing, impending disaster i think i have ever read. before cat quit her job as the beauty editor for she earned a reputation for writing a shocking mixture of her everyday drug abuse and beauty products into a single article.

she quit her job at xojane and made probably her most infamous quote about it saying in a page six interview, "Look, I couldnt spend another summer meeting deadlines behind a computer at night when I could be on the rooftop of Le Bain looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust with my friends and writing a book, which is what Im doing next."

so now she currently writes a column every thursday for vice, that gives insight into her strange drug fueled life, while its currently still in progress. not the typical i was a drug addict and now im clean, this is writing about something while its still happening. which i personally haven`t seen in anywhere before. i also think her style is writing it really unique, brutally honest, and well written.

the first article she wrote for vice starts....

"Its 2012 in Manhattan, the island of cell phones and no clocks. Of dead Blackberry batteries, New Museums, old moneytrust funds, angel dust funds, acid rains, and dead brains. Ritalin kids are generic adults living on vampire schedules. The Lost Boys soundtrack is always playing at the Dream Hotel and everyones forgotten their iPhone chargers: Yo, what time is it?
Oh hiii babe! [kiss] What time is it, you say?
Well. Its a time when times stopped.
And Im spinning like a top."

a few other quotes that i think are noteworthy are,

"I want to disappear, and everyone in the car know that the only thing anyone could ever imagine me romantically cooking with a man is a ton of crack."

"Girl drug addicts sleep alone."

"Im all PCP eyes and Adderall thighs."

if you haven`t read anything shes writen yet, i will link her vicemag link.

her beauty articles for xojane are still on their site if you type her name.

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