This is the first tip of my series & I hope you enjoy..
Monday`s aren`t my BEST days if you get me.. but still aren`t my worst ;)

I usually wake at O7:OOa.m. unless I sleep in but my alarm is my favourite song (UNDERNEATH YOUR BEAUTiFUL.. if you love this song too.. COMMENT & LIKE!) so it helps me get up :)

I do some stretches first to wake me up a tad bit. Then I go into my bathroom & use the toilet, wash my hands thoroughly & wash my face. I usually wash it with my Simple Daily Facial Wash & rinse it with cold water. Now I moisturise my skin with my Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser with NO OiL :)

Now I eat my breakie :) I don`t normally have sugary cereals but the odd time I`d have Cheerios but thats it. I normally have toast // fruit.

Next I brush my teeth. I spend at least five minutes brushing to keep my teeth nice, clean & white :) I also use my mouthwash at this stage.

MAKEUP TiMEE!! Eeep! This is my FAVOURiTE time getting dressed :) I wear a good amount of makeup to school: (in order too) primer, foundation, concealers, pressed powder, blush, subtle eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner on top only, LOTS OF MASCARA on my top & bottom lashes & lastly some gloss.

Now its time to get dressed . I put on some deodrant on my pits obviously & all of my clothes haha :D

Mondays I just brush my hair out & had a nice spray to it to freshen it up :)

Now its time to leave. I pack up my bag, grab my lunch & head out the door to the bus stop. I wait for the bus there & talk to my friends. When I get off the bus I meet up with the three of my besties & we go downtown together & meet up with or good friends from the boy school (I attend an all-girls school btw). We have some craic with them then we leave for school.

When we arrive at school I get all my books out & at O9:OOa.m. we have our Year Assembly. We just talk about things that are upcoming in the week.

My first class starts around O9:1O depending how long that assembly lasts for. Here is the order of my classes::
O9:OO : Science
O9:4O : History
1O:2O : Maths
11:OO : Small Break
11:5O : French
12:3O : Business
1:1O : LUNCH <3
1:55 : Music
2:35 : Music
3:15 : Religion
3:55 : HOME!! <3

Now I walk down with my girlfriends to our bus stop then hug them goodbye because they don`t go on my bus :`( I usually sit around on the middle of the bus because the older ones would kill us if we sat on their seats in the back -.- & I usually sit with the lads from the boys school because the girls in my year & on the bus I`m not big fans of but I do talk to them every once in a while ;) but it`s usually the lads.

It`s about O4:4Op.m. when I open my front door, where my mam has my dinner/lunch ready for me. I`m so lucky & grateful for that. I usually finish my dinner/lunch by O4:5Op.m. Imma slow eater .. yawh :D

I then watch about two programmes & then eventually start my homework. My homework takes about half an hour on a good day or two on a bad day which includes studying. After homework I practice my camogie, go on facebook, youtube & polyvore, play outside with my brother & pets & text my friends to meet up.

I usually have my supper/dinner at O5:3Op.m./O6:OOp.m. & after that I go running to stay fit :) I run for an hour straight with my music with water breaks in between. After my running I take a long shower & for the rest of the night I just watch some tv & text my friendies :D

So I usually go to bed around 1O:OOp.m. but sometimes I could go earlier if I`m exhausted which I sometimes am, if that week has a lot of tests on.

So first thing first I go & brush my teeth. I spend about five minutes brushing my teeth & rinsing with my Colgate rinse -- it helps prevent decay & my orthodontist recommended it for me like I said in my braces tip.

Then, still in my bathroom I tie up my hair & clip my fringe out of the way. I turn on the hot water
& let it warm up. Whilst the water is heating up I take off my makeup with my Simple makeup remover wipes. They work SO good for taking off your makeup especially eyeliner & mascara & they are also very nice on the skin.

By now the water is warmed up & I splash that onto my skin making sure everything is gone. Then I take my Simple Facial Wash & massage that gently into my skin making sure my skin is nice, clean & refreshed. Lastly I rinse it off with cold water.

Next I take my Clean&Clear oil-free moisturiser & gently massage that all of my face, blending down my neck & décolleté too.

Now that my face is clean & makeup-free, I pack my school bag for the next day. I check if all my homework is complete fully & also I check the subjects I have for the next day for example if I have Art I need to make sure I have my Art materials & the same for Home Economics, etc.

I then take down my hair & brush it out, then I get dressed into my pyjamas & hop into bed.
I really do hope you liked this tip, I SPENT HOURS :/ but I hope you think it was worth it :)

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