America`s Next Top Model Review

4 years ago

This season of America`s Next Top Model chose to revamp their entire show. They got new judges and they have a new system of judging. Also, this season is college girls, which I am a fan of that! First lets start with the positives. So far I like the judges. Kelly "Cutthroat" Cutrone is like the Simon Cowell of America`s Next Top Model, which I think it needs (especially if they need to stir up drama) and I can not forget the EYECANDY Rob Evans. Can you say HOTTTTT! I am not really into muscular guys like him, but that accent just melts my soul like butter on a pan. Enough of Rob! So far I am liking the various girls. They aren`t a multiplication of one type of model and I like how they can earn scholarship money, which goes great with the theme. Now to bad side of the new season. I HATE HATE HATE the new judging system. For those who don`t know what that is, it`s where the girls get scored on their challenge (so if a girl wins a challenge she gets 10 and if you did shitty u can be on the bottom of the list), which they add that to the judges score and `social media`s` score. I never really had a problem with this judging system till Leila went home. I think instead of being judged on how you can model it has turned into a big popularity contest. I believe if this season was judged on your true modeling abilities and consistency Allysa would`ve went home. I think the whole social networking aspect is useless and I don`t get how people get to vote on the models if the episodes are pre-recorded and that the pictures aren`t released on FB till the day the episode airs. AND CAN WE PLEASE GET RID OF BRYANBOY. He is useless. Again I just wish they would focus more on the talent and less of the popularity and drama.

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