America`s Next Top Model Cycle 18 Drama: Louise walks off show!

5 years ago

Did you catch all the drama this Wednesday night?

I promised myself I would not watch ANTM again after being disappointed with past seasons.But when Lilly M mentioned this season has past British contestants coming on the American version, I tuned in to see what was going on.

The first 2 episodes were awful...honestly there is more drama than modelling and not many of them can actually model.

In the American team my favourites are:
Azmarie and Laura

For the Brits I love:
Sophie and Louise.

My favourite is Sophie out of all the contestants.

Wednesday night judge Kelly Catrone gave them the huge task of planning their own photoshoot and doing all the background work from clothing to props and choosing your best photo.

Azmarie was Team USA`s leader and she did a great job and Annaleise was Team UK`s leader who did a bad job lol.

During the shoot kelly "buffs" (quarrels with) Louise telling her she should not be running around set and about her energy etc. Louise stays quiet but is visibly upset. Honestly Louise was only running because Annaleise did not organise things well and she was rushing to get things done. Annaleise was crazy around set and Kelly never spoke to her.

Louise still takes that sizzling photo you see in this post and instead of the judges praising her, Nigel said she looked mean.
Like wth! I think she looked fierce! She got upset and to make things worse Kelly said she was rude to her on set, which was untrue. Louise said Kelly was rude to her and of course TYRA took kelly`s side.

Louise goes offset cursing and visibly upset,walks straight off the set and onto the street,demanding she goes home! lol Talk about drama!

Honestly I would get upset if someone was lying on me too but I would have tried to stay calm and see what happens. But I believe Louise thought they would get rid of her so she left on her own terms.

After she leaves the set TYRA would have the audacity to say oh it`s a really good picture and I was now going to tell her how great it was and kelly and nigel agreed. Yeah right...

There has been war since Wenesday night`s episode on the official America`s Next Top Model facebook page and they are actually promoting the feud between Team Louise or Team Kelly. There is now an " I hate Kelly Catrone page" on facebook as well as many angry fans lash out at Kelly.

Kelly Catrone posted a video on the OFFICIAL America`s next top model page:

making fun of Louise with her gang of friends and telling Louise when she is messing with kelly catrone she is messing with all of them!

This video has sparked controversy when it comes to cyber bullying...for a judge to make fun of a contestant/ threaten her well that`s it there for me and ANTM.

What do you think of all this drama?
What do you think was the right thing to do?

DISCLAIMER: Photo taken from site below,words are my own.

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