American Horror Story: Asylum (Episode 6)

4 years ago

Before I start, I do want to say that I am horrible with names, soooo I don`t really remember the characters` names lol. It would have been better if I started talking about these episodes from the beginning of the season but oh well.

Where do I even begin? Let`s talk about the serial killer/psychiatrist. I actually felt bad for him in this episode. We found out that he has mommy issues that go way back. It`s actually more like abandonment issues, but you get my point. Tate`s character (yes I call him Tate from last season lol) is in jail for the murders that the psychiatrist committed which is messed up. The Nazi doctor still has not gotten caught! He was close to it, but the blonde nun got in the way. Speaking of the nun, I actually like her more now that she`s possessed. Weird huh! But I never really liked her goody goody character.

I thinks that`s all I can say about episode 6. I`m sorry if I was all over the place but this is my first time trying this. I`ll hopefully be reviewing Dexter & The Walking Dead.

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