American Doll Hair Repair

3 years ago

If your like me and your little sibling or some one in your family has an American doll you know that their hair gets really bad after a while and going to a professional is a pain for your wallet and you head so here are some good tips from the link below

1. Never brush the hair dry. Always wet the hair using a spray bottle before you brush.

2. Use a wire brush brush. I bought an American Girl brush because my personal stylist told me wire brushed are hard to come by and usually costly.

3. Never apply heat. Curls are added by wrapping the wet hair around a circular object like, a pencil or the end of your comb. Hold the hair there for about 15 seconds and begin to unwind.

4. My tip, I like to use a towel on my lap, so I keep my lap dry and everything around me.

Restoring your doll`s hair is really very easy, but it takes me about 45 minutes to do Caroline`s hair. Admittedly, I am very patient and take my time. I usually do it at the end of the day in front of the TV.

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