American Apparel Disco Pants - Hot or Not? + Review

4 years ago

Today I realised this friday I have to go to a 70`s party and I thought it was a perfect excuse to buy the disco pants by american apparel. I have been eyeing these forever but finally bought them today down in soho in midnight blue which is just a navy blue. The reason it took me so long is the price, I love them but I could never bring my self to pay $85 for them. There unqiue and other companys that try to copy them fail. These have pocket detail and a long tizper in the front and are high waisted. These might not be everyones cup of tea but I love them so there hot for me! Don`t think because your curvey you can`t pull these off, A lot of the reviews say on American Apparel`s website said there sliming, so you don`t have to be a rail to wear them! You can litteraly wear anything with this! I plan on wearing it with a boy london cropped shirt and when it gets colder a chunky sweater. For the 70`s party I am going to I am pairing them with lita`s (I`ll post ootd) These come in 9 colors and they are a five star item. These pant`s are very worth the money because it`s a very good quality peice not something you would find at forever21. I also suggest if you can go to the store to try them on because the don`t do returns at the store and its a big process through the compture if you have to return them. If you have to buy it online because you don`t have one near you check the measurements and reviews to what you think will suite your size. If your not willing to pay that much for them you can always check ebay for a little discount or if you have a factory outlet go there and look for them! You`ll find them for the cheapest you can get them there. If you live in a more hotter climate I also suggest they short verson of these there called the disco short and there very flattering to (I tried them on) and they only come in seven colors. What drawn me to them was that I saw all these celebs wearing them and I saw them at a fashion show during fashion week!

Would you wear these? hot or not?

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