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4 years ago

As a birthday present to myself, I bought a amazon kindle paper white. I was not sure if I really wanted it or needed it as I already have an iPad. But I really didn`t like reading on the iPad.
I checked out some reviews online and decided I give it a try. I got the wifi version, as I won`t really use the 3G network. Additionally I sprang the $20 or $25 extra dollars to get the add free version. I don`t want to be spammed with adds.
I love to read in bed, but I don`t like a lot of light while doing so. This is also why I don`t like to read with my iPad, it`s to bright. The last reason why I actually went for a kindle, is that I am traveling a lot because of my job and I always carry a bunch of books with me but I don`t like it. So a kindle is the perfect solution.
Now I have had it for about a month now and I have to say ever since I got it. I love it! It is some much fun reading with it. You can download book samples and then decides if you want to buy the full book.

And if you want to read at night while someone want to sleep next to you, it is perfect, because you can dim it as much as you like or need and the person next to your can still sleep. My boyfriend said he didn`t even notice that I was still reading.
I love my kindle. The improve display really resembles paper and reading is just great. The kindle has just 1 bottom to turn it on and off. Other than this you just need to touch the screen to navigate the kindle. The scream reacts quickly and it turns pages easily, search for new book and navigate the kindle. So you can type in it like with any smart phone.
When your receive the kindle it is logged on to you and your amazon account. You also get a USB cable that you can hook up to your computer or to a wall-plug adapter.

Once you charge the kindle the battery runs for a long time. I haven`t really checked for how many days, but I haven`t recharged it more than 3 time since I got it.
Now so far I downloaded book I wanted to read for a while but also a lot of samples of book and found some fun ones this way. But amazon offers a lot of different thing but also a library system you can subscribe to with your kindle. I haven`t tried it yet but I will let you know once I do.
All in all I have to say i love my kindle and it was one of the best purchases in this year.

What is your opinion on the kindle? Do you have one? Do you you prefer reading real book?
Let me know!

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