I have been wanting a <strong>Kindle</strong> for quite some time now. I remember when LUUUX still had it in their shop I was considering saving up for it. I was a little bummed out that they removed it. However, it`s all good because I am now the owner of a new <strong>Kindle Keyboard 3G</strong>! One of my New Year`s resolution was to read more books and I really think having this Kindle will encourage me to read more because the books are so easy to access. I don`t need to drive down to the bookstore to buy a book. I can just easily purchase a new book in the comforts of my apartment. I actually received this as a gift from one of my friends. I was ecstatic to see that she got it for me. And, no worries, I purchased her a pretty awesome gift to say thank you for her generosity hehe. This was purchased at Target for $99 and that`s actually the sale price. About a week after my friend purchased this for me she said the price went back to $139 so she was able to score a pretty good deal. She chose the white one for me and it`s perfect because I think it looks great in white.

<strong>Kindle Keyboard 3G:</strong>
<dd>- Connectivity: Free 3G + Wi-Fi
- Display: 6" E Ink Pearl
- Batterly life with wireless off: 2 months
- Storage: 4GB
- Dimensions: 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.34"
- Interface: keyboard</dd>

I haven`t really given my new Kindle a good use yet, but I was able to start it up and read through some of the introductory information. The screen is pretty darn amazing. You can see the text from pretty much all angles without any kind of glare. It`s really lightweight, easy to hold, and not bulky at all. I`m still getting used to navigating it, but it`s really simple to use from what I`ve seen so far. I`ll try to do a review as soon as I feel I have given it a fair try :) .

The reason why I`m not using it too much yet is also because I wanted to get a case and a screen protector. The Kindle is currently resting inside the box that it was packaged in and the plastic film is still covering the Kindle itself. I`m kind of OCD about my electronics so I won`t be using it too much until my case and screen protector arrives. I found a few nice ones on Amazon for decent prices, but I`m still looking around. Oh, and it would be awesome if anyone has book suggestions!

<em>Do you own a Kindle? Any book suggestions?</em>

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