Amazing Summer Skin!

Having the perfect summer wardrobe is one thing, but let`s not forget about the all-important canvas beneath any look: your skin. After the dry months of winter, the skin demands a routine that covers all the important aspects - from a boost of vitamins to a dose of hydration to protection from the elements. Read on for easy steps to beautiful summer skin.

Burts Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub has the essential minerals thatll help nourish and condition the skin on your body, while Sodashis Face Polish poses to be a great option for the face, as its infused with orange and lemon rind.

Fight the Wrinkles
Chanels Hydra Beauty Serum is fitting for all skin type and feels like velvet on the skin.

Zelens Matrix Energy and Moisture Face Cream is packed with hydro-energising ingredients that will uplift dull skin. And if you wish to feel like Cleopatra, this summer, Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème will do the job. Its application is close to rubbing flower petals on your skin; it even smells like cucumber and Camellia.

Invisible Zinc SPF 30+ Environmental Skin Protector and Clarins SPF 50+ Wrinkle Control Cream can both be worn under a thin layer of make-up, during the day. If these appear to be too oily for your skin type, then pick a tinted moisturiser with SPF protection; dont go for anything under SPF 20+.

Hand and Nail Cream
Molton Browns Rose Granati Hand Lotion lets your fingers dive into a garden of senses, with pomegranate, cardamom, ginger and rose being the chief scents.

Night Cleansing
Kiehls Ultra facial cleanser contains plant-based oils that stop the skin from feeling tight or prickly after a wash. However, if youre looking for a product that performs 2-in-1 duty of removing make-up, while also toning the skin right before bedtime, then Qsilicas Remove make-up and grime cleansing gel needs to be in your bathroom cabinet.

>Always check the ingredient list when buying a product off the shelf. Ensure that youre not allergic to any ingredient that might cause a rash or breakout. A common ingredient found in skincare products are nuts, and some skins are prone to rejecting nuts in their external form as well.

>You can use as many hydration products as you like, but nothing will make the skin glow as much as the consumption of still water. Your skin will glow and look hydrated when your skin cells are bursting of water from within. Top that glass!

>This might be considered cheating, but use brightly hued make-up to make your skin stand out. A watermelon lipstick clashing against cobalt blue nail paint is a serious celebration of summer!

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