AMAZING iPhone 5 camera case!!!

4 years ago

With the introduction of the iPhone 5 come the introduction of a slew of cases. Some are totally new, but some simply adapt previous generations to the new iPhone form factor. And while all protect your phone, few actually enhance the phone.

Meet iZZi Gadgets, makers of the Orbit. The Orbit offers a trio of interchangeable lenses fisheye, wide-angle and telephoto right on the case. Changing lenses is as easy as twisting the iDial. And the case is no slouch either. The duraluminum dual layer protection offers ample cushion for the inevitable blows. iZZis Sure Hand Stabilizing Grip gives it a true camera feel too easier for holding on. And for the videographer the Orbit comes equipped with three tripod mounts to meet your need. The Orbit costs a little more than the average case, going to show the quality of the lense systems. The iPhone 5 version runs $239.99 and the 4/4S version $229.99 on iZZi Gadgets site. Included for the price are the case, protective sleeve, wrist lanyard and cleaning cloth. And yes, replacement lenses are available at a cost should you need them. If the quality of the case interests you, but you dont need 3 lenses try the Solo, which saves about $100. Whatever you do dont let your iPhones camera limit your photo and video capabilities. Augment them with the Orbit or Solo. DROP A LIKE, ITS FREE AND TAKES ONE SECOND!! THANKS!!! :)

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