Amazing Foods to Help Cut Your Cancer Risk

4 years ago

There are loads of awesome foods out there that can help cut your risk of developing cancer. So what should we be filling up on? Research has shown that things like
Cruciferous Vegetables i.e Brocolli, Cabbage and Cauliflower are great for fighting cancer, studies have shown that by eating lots of this type of food you can cut your risk of lung and stomach cancers! Also try and enjoy things like
Tomato and even better
berries, there is evidence that eating tomatoes can reduce our risk of contracting pancreatic and even prostate cancers! Berries are rich in antioxidants which are believed to limit the risk of cancer - so why not try adding them to some natural yogurt or mix them in with your cereal at the beginning of the day? It has been advised to limit foods that contain excessive amounts of fat - It`s a proven fact that fats in the diet increase calorie consumption which in turn can lead to obesity. High fat content is a main cause of colon cancer. Flaxseed has also been promoted as a food which is great for preventing breast cancer. You can get it as a whole seed, ground or as an oil. The fibre and omega 3 found in flaxseed create a barrier against harmful cancer cells. Try adding some flaxseed to a smoothie or even use it when making things like cookies and muffins to give a great nutty flavour. The breast cancer section of is a place that is really committed to helping to provide support to people who are suffering with breast cancer. You can find out even more information about the disease on their website.

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