Amazing and Affordable lipsticks!

4 years ago

Why wasn`t I aware that these existed? Okay, so maybe I was but due to the ho hum packaging I simply bypassed them.

Until now!

You see, this is why I love Instagram. One of my friends posted a picture of her wearing a gorgeous hot pink shade of lipstick. I immediately asked her what she had on (thinking she was going to come back and tell me it was MAC or something) but to my surprise, she said WET N WILD!

I made a mental note to pick up at least one shade the next time I was at a store that carried Wet n Wild.

I ended up buying 5 of them! I know that sounds a little crazy and excessive, but if you think about it, you are getting 5 quality lipsticks for less than the price of one high end lipstick.

Sure the packaging is not up to par with the quality of the lipsticks, but if you are not a sucker for fancy packaging than you won`t have a problem with these.

The pigmentation is incredible. Pretty much what you see in the tube is what you get. This is very helpful because most of the time you are unable to swatch any drug store lipsticks ( I know some people do so anyways, but you are not supposed to), Therefore this takes the guessing out of it. The swatches of each of the lipsticks are exactly what you see in the tube.

Needless to say, that for $2 a piece, these are a steal!

Shades I picked up:
Just Peachy: (not shown....this one is my absolute favorite...such a pretty peachy color. I like to top it off with a sheer lipgloss)
Think Pink: Gorgeous light pink....some say it reminds them of Viva Glam Nicki. I think this one will be the perfect lipstick to pair up with a smokey eye.
Smokin` Hot Pink: Really pretty darker hot pink. Great for fall.
Don`t Blink Pink: I think this one will be one of my faves as well
Dollhouse Pink: The name suits is so well. Reminds me of Barbie.

I don`t find these to be drying but if you do, my best tip is to apply some lip balm before applying this lipstick. Also, using a lip scrub can do the trick as well.

I wanted to apologize for being so MIA. I hardly have to time to LUUUX anymore. It kills me not being able to luuux as much as before. And when I do have the chance, Luuux decides to stop working. Grrr. LOL

Have you tried these lipsticks from Wet n Wild? Which one is your favorite?

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