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3 years ago

Wow, long time no see Luuux! Sorry for the absence! School has been quite a load lately. Anyways, I thought Id update you all with my very first BzzKit! If youre unsure what a BzzKit is, well it is a box of sample products and/or coupons that companies send to BzzAgent for consumers to try out. After trying out these products, consumers are to give their honest opinions about the products. For my BzzKit, I was required to do an absorbency test demonstration between an Always Infinity Pad and an Always Maxi Pad.

What came in my BzzKit:

-<strong>16 (one box) Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads with wings</strong>
-<strong>3 Always Regular Maxi Pads</strong>
-<strong>Set of demonstration instructions</strong>
-<strong>7 $1 OFF coupons</strong>

First, let me start off by saying that I bet most females out there rarely talk about feminine hygiene products with other females. Why? Well its pretty much a taboo topic to bring up; it makes us feel uncomfortable sharing what we use during that time of the month. But honestly, I think <strong>its important for us women to share what products really work and what makes Mother Nature feel a bit more comfortable</strong>.

Background of the Always Infinity Pad: <strong>InfinicelTM</strong> is the reason why these pads feel so light! This technology allows it to <strong>absorb up to 55% more fluid</strong>! Wow thats pretty amazing I will say! It allows for nonstop absorbency for up to 8 hours. The <strong>dual Flexi-Wing®</strong> design gives a <strong>more secure protection</strong> since it fits the curvature of your underwear better. And lastly the <strong>MicrodotsTM</strong> is magic behind the reason why this pad <strong>absorbs super-fast</strong>! And best of all it is <strong>super soft and comfortable</strong>!

To test the absorbency of each pad, I placed ~30 blue drops of water on half of the pad. While I was placing drops on the Always Infinity Pad, I noticed how quickly the fluid absorbed. Wow it works fast! After dropping ~30 drops, I waited 60 seconds for the fluid to absorb. After the wait, I folded each pad in half and pressed to see if it would transfer to the other half. While I was pressing, I noticed that the Always Maxi Pad felt wetter than the Always Infinity Pad. Also, the Always Maxi Pad was quite messy to work with! The core padding fell apart! There was a bit of transfer on both pads. However, the Infinity Pad seemed to absorb better since it was less wet, and the <strong>fluid absorbed was distributed evenly</strong>. Also, this pad had a cleaner look to it. Meaning no more messes!

I personally tested these pads out and I am now a believer of these Always Infinity Pads! What I love about these is that they are super thin and light. And best of all, they are comfortable; I almost forgot that I was even wearing a pad! I remember back in the days when I used to wear those Always Maxi Pads, man were they ever thick! It felt like I was wearing diapers! If you dislike that feeling you should definitely give these Always Infinity Pads a try! <strong>Remember, a happy period is a comfortable period!</strong>

<strong>Check out my video for the demonstration!</strong>

*Disclaimer* P&G Always Infinity sent me these sample products and coupons for review through BzzAgent.

<strong>Have you tried these Always Infinity Pads before?</strong>

*Pictures and video (link in source) belong to me*

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