Alton Towers!

Alton Towers is a big Theme Park resort in Staffordshire, England. I`ve been a few times and it`s definatly the best theme park i`ve been to in England, they have a lot of big rides there. Like most theme parks, it`s split in two different lands and there is a big ride in most section. The big rides are Nemesis, Air, Oblivion and Rita. There`s also a new one called Th13teen but i haven`t been there when it`s been opened. Air in my opinion is like the best ride there, it was really unique, you go on the ride and your fastened in so you are on the ride lying on your stomach. The picture above is of Air and it`s just a really cool experince. Obvilion is one of those big drop rides but this one drops through a hole in the ground, I also really like this ride. There lots of other rides for children like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, which you go in the glass elevator and it shakes! Alton Towers is a great theme park and it`s really good because they are always adding new rides and making the park better, the last time i went was about 2 years ago and looking at the website now there is loadsa new rides! I would recommend going if you have the chance, it`s quite expensive but there is always 2 for 1 offers about in newspapers!

Have you ever been, what did you think? Do you like big scary rides?

*photo is mine

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